The vision of the Department of Social Administration and Justice is to undertake and be the hub of excellence education and research centre in the field of human services in the region. 

The mission of the Department is to provide quality social work education to students and to advance knowledge through study, practice, and research. The paramount mission is to be the prime department towards achieving excellence in developing and disseminating knowledge of human services as well as leading the development of human resources in line with the aspiration of the country which is to create a caring society which free from social problems. 

The Department is committed to: 

  •  educating students to be effective practitioners and leaders in the public and private sectors, 
  • preparing social workers to promote economic and social justice and human rights through policy practice, 
  • preparing social workers to evaluate their practice and be an informed consumer of research and scholarship; and, 
  • creating and strengthening community partnerships to further the Department and university's shared commitments to scholarship, professional preparation, and advocacy. 

In terms of goals, the Department is formed to achieve three main objectives as in the following: 

  • to produce graduates with sufficient skills in addressing the threat of social problems and expanding the practice of social justice, 
  • to produce graduates who meet the needs of manpower in the field of human services; and, 
  • to produce outstanding scholars and sensitive towards current developments, and committed in developing Malaysian society, nation and mankind. 

The vision, mission and goals of the department are in line with the objectives of the establishment of University of Malaya which are: to be at the forefront of knowledge, producing high quality graduates, continuously in developing excellent scholars who can contribute to development of the country and community welfare, to advance universal human value and also developing the management of social problems which are efficient, innovative and committed.

Last Updated: 03/06/2019